I spent most of last week with a wonderful group of people that included the owners of the Pisgah Inn in North Carolina and the head chef. The Inn which combines a hotel and restaurant is located at the Peak of the Blue Ridge Parkway which seems to be a beautiful spot; here’s a link to the Inn’s website.
The tour with the group included wine tasting, olive oil tasting, cheese tasting, a tapas tour, cooking classes, as well as excursions related to Iberian ham and red wine. There were a few memorable meals along the way as well.
Anyway, I left the group at Granada railway station quite early on Sunday morning (27th November) and headed back to Seville. Within the province of Granada I passed through the municipality of Huétor-Tájar which is famous throughout Spain for asparagus, for which it has an appellation. I stopped for breakfast and took some photos of the asparagus fields; below is one of them.

Continuing on my journey I stopped again, at the Laguna de Fuente Piedra. This is a salt water lagoon and is the largest in the south of Spain. It is also the site for the largest breeding ground of flamingos in the Iberian peninsular and the second largest in Europe. Below, is a photo which shows a group of the aforementioned birds in the lagoon.