Last week I realised that I didn’t have a blog entry about the cooking classes we offer. So, as we had a class last Saturday (24th November) I thought I would put amends to this situation. I have been working with local chef Willy Moya for around 9 years and the classes that I do with him have always been very successful. This is because, first of all, he is a very good chef. Secondly, he speaks English very well and is able to explain things in a very clear way. Lastly, he gives lots of great tips on how to improve dishes. 
Willy gives the classes in the kitchen at his restaurant and in the first photo below, which was taken last Saturday, he is giving an introduction to the dishes his students are going to learn to prepare.

In the next photo below, Willy is adding rice to what will become a seafood paella. In the photo below that, he can be seen preparing “torrijas”, a dish similar to French toast but made with fresh bread.

The photos below show the finished dishes. The first is gazpacho, which was served with  finely chopped prawn and mango encased in a thin sliver of cucumber. The second photos is of salmorejo with chopped up hard boiled egg, chives and raisins. This dish would normally have chopped up Iberian ham added to it as well, but the students didn’t want any. The third photo is the paella which was served with garlic and basil mayonnaise.  Lastly, there’s a photo of the “torrijas”.

Tof finish off there’s a photo of the group sitting down to eat the food that has been prepared in the class.