Yesterday, I ran another Iberian ham tour to the Sierra of Aracena. We had a superb sunny day with the countryside looking wonderful after the heavy rains last week. We spent around 5 hours on the organic Iberian pig farm that I have written about before. We went first to the field the farm’s boar had just started getting reacqauinted with some of the breeding sows. Below is a photo of the lucky gentleman!


Next we walked to the area where we saw litters of 5-week old piglets. They will be weaned off their mothers when they are 2 months old.

We then walked through an area where we saw the pigs that will be turned into hams next year.

After the walking around everyone was glad to sit down to a fantastic lunch with everything we ate produced on the farm. The ham and other cured meats that they produce are of the utmost quality as was the barbucued “pluma” Iberina pork. This cut is the final part of the loin.