Half-day olive oil tour Seville

Spain producers more olive oil than any other country; some years more than 50% of the worldʼs total! What, however, is more interesting than quantity is quality. Over the last decade or so the increase in quality olive oils has been spectacular. There are a lot more small producers focusing on high quality oils and even large cooperatives have at least one gourmet olive oil. 

On our half-day tour you will be taken to a superb boutique olive mill, 40 minutes drive from the centre of Seville. The mill which is an old “hacienda” or farmhouse is surrounded by olive trees of the Arbequina variety, which makes wonderful grassy and fruity olive oils. In fact, the oil produced at the mill, which is probably the best in the province of Seville, has won medals at tasting competitions all over the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, China, Japan and Israel. 

From the olive grove to the production methods and the final product you will learn about what goes in to making high quality extra virgin olive oil. You will also learn how to taste olive oil and how to recognise extra virgin olive oil and to differentiate it from lower quality oils. You will find out how to match olive oils with food with an interesting tasting experience included! We guarantee that you will be delighted with this trip as we have yet to experience a better olive oil tour anywhere.