Iberian ham tour

If you are interested in food, then you have probably heard of Iberian or “ibérico” ham. When it is from free range animals that feed on acorns for the last 3 months of their lives, it is by far the best ham that can be found anywhere in the world. So, a full-day Iberian ham tour is a must for any really serious foodies! 

You will be taken on a tour to the Sierra of Aracena, one of the principal areas for Iberian ham production, 100 kilometres to the north-east of Seville. You will start with a visit to a farm in a beautiful setting where you will see how the pigs are raised and get to take a walk amongst the oak trees that provide the precious acorns. Whetting your appetite with a some ham and the best Spanish omelette you have ever tasted, you will then head off to see the installations of one of the best ham producers in the town of Jabugo, a mythical name in Spain for fine Iberian ham. As you are shown around, you will learn about the different steps involved in the production of ham. You will be completely taken aback when you see the thousands upon thousands of hams that are hanging up and slowly curing. Of course, the visit would not be complete without tasting some more wonderful acorn-fed Iberian ham accompanied by a glass of the best fino or manzanilla, a perfect pairing of food and wine! 

It is then off to the town of Aracena for a gourmet lunch in which the Iberian pig will be one of the main protagonists in the form of ham (of course!) and other cuts of fresh pork. There will also be plenty of other local produce which may include asparagus, artichokes, wild mushrooms, cheese, tomatoes to die for, etc. What is on offer will depend on the season. All you have to do is sit down and food will come; nothing needs to be ordered! Your guide will make sure that all these gastronomic delights are accompanied by some fine Spanish wine. After lunch, a walk up to to the castle is in order to help burn off a few calories! Itʼs then back to Seville after a very satisfying day.