Well, here in Seville it has just kept on raining. I mentioned in a previous blog that it had not rained so much in over fifty years and that was on 11th January; it’s now almost the end of February! We are off to Lisbon on Friday for a few days and were hoping that the weather would turn around but the forecasts do not look too hopeful. We may be forced into going to the Port Institute more than once!
Bookings continue to come in, so things are looking better each day. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Spanish economy as a whole. The country continues to be in recession and unemployment figures hover around the 20% mark. Thankfully, here in Spain the family network is very strong and acts as a safety net for a lot of people when things aren’t going well.
Two days ago I did one of my tapas tours with a fantastic couple from Montreal, Marie-Eve and Michael. They both love good food and good wine and were great people to be with. Anyway, Marie-Eve has a blog and has written about the tapas tour which you can read about here.