Things are starting to change with my business and as the cases of Corona virus contunue to go down I am getting a lot more enquiries for tours.. I have recently done a number of Iberian ham tours to the Sierra of Aracena with visits to farms and then to ham curing factilities in Jabugo followed by lunch in Aracena. It’s the time of year when acorn-fed Iberian pigs are being sent on their final journey. In fact, in a few weeks’ time only younger pigs and those used for breeding will be left on the farms that only have acorn-fed animals

Of course, not all Iberian pigs are acorn-fed and not all pigs are free range. It is always interesting tasting acorn-fed ham and non acorn-fed ham side by side. This is something that we do on my Iberian ham tour at the restuarant where we have lunch in Aracena. On arriving, we go straight to the kitchen to taste a non-acorn-fed ham followed by an acorn-fed one. The non acorn-fed one which is usually from a free range animal is very good and better than most hams. Hoewever, the depth of flavour and the sweetness that you get from an acorn-fed ham is something else altogether. I would argue that the best acorn-fed Iberian ham is Spain’s greastest contribution to world cuisine.

acorn-fed and non-acorn-fed Iberian ham tasting

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