This morning I went to the Sierra of Aracena to visit an organic Iberian pig farm with the idea of taking groups there in the future. The farm has 14 breeding females with one lucky breeding male. On the farm they generally breed once a year as opposed to twice which is the norm. Given that the average litter for a pure Iberian pigs is around 7 animals, this would give an annual production of just under 100 pigs. Most of the mothers had given birth and some very young piglets can be seen in the photo below.

Outisde of the acorn season the pigs are given feed which is a mixure of different grains as well as peas and beans. These are all organically produced and are mixed together and milled at the farm. The farm has arond 200 hectares of land with holm trees and cork oak trees both providing acorns. In the photo below the holm oaks in the foreground  have just been cut back a little.
The farm has a purpose built cellar so that they can cure their hams themselves (see photo below). 
I was very impressed with my visit and will be coming back in the future with groups of 4 or more people.