I just noticed that it was April when I last posted an entry on my blog; not good. Anyway, let’s see if I can be a bit more frequent in my postings. 
One of the tours I did last week was to a few wineries in the Ronda area. Due to the dry weather we have had this year and the very hot summer, grape picking has been earlier than normal. In the photo below the vines you can see have already had the grapes picked from them. The colours of the vines in the foreground what you would normally expect in November, not September.

The winery we visited makes principally red wine with a little rosé and white. The day we visited they had left red grapes macerating for around 4 hours to extract some colour. We arrived as they were draining off the must which would be turned into rosé wine, the fermentation taking place without the skins. Below you can see the colour of the must on its way to the fermentation tank.

The second winery that we visited produces its grapes using biodynamics. There is not sufficient space here to go into what this actually entails. In a very few words, it is organic agriculture togther with a number of special preparations and what are some very esoteric beliefs. Cow dung, for example, is put into a cow’s horn which is buried in the ground for quite a few months. The resulting manure is then stirred into water in what is called “dynamisation”. To get an idea of how little the concentration is, around 100g of this preparation are stirred into more than 50 litres of water. This mixture is then sprayed around the vineyard. Below, the owner of the vineyard can be seen showing his visitors one of his cow horns.