On Wednesday night I organised a wine tasting for a group of 16 people. The tasting focused on authentic sherry which, of course, can only be from the Jerez region. As anyone who has seen my website at www.aqot.com or who  has read previous blog entries on wine tasting, they will know that I regularly hold wine tastings at El Rinconcillo, probably the most historic tavern in Seville, having been established in 1670 on what had been the site of a convent.

The tasting matched 4 sherries with different dishes. We had fino with olives and acorn-fed Iberian ham, oloroso with spinach and chickpeas and Iberian pork cheeks, amontillado with goats’ milk and sheep’s milk cheeses and to finish dessert with Pedro Ximenez. The tasting was a resounding success with quite a few converts to the sherry cause!

Wine tasting at El Rinconcillo in Seville

Wine tasting in Seville