Last night, I did a wine tasting dinner at El Rinconcillo, a tavern that was opened in 1670. The present owners, my good friends Javier and Carlos, are the 7th generation of the same family to run the place. 
Anyway, I thought I would take quite a few photos as I don’t usually don’t take any at wine tastings and really need some for my website and to send to companies that work with me. Well, I took a few photos at the start when we were matching acorn-fed Iberian ham with a really good fino, as seen in the photo below.  Then, I got so engrossed in talking about the different wines and the matching food that I forgot to take any more. So there’s no photographic evidence of the wine from the Rueda region matched with the fantastic white prawns from Huelva. Also, the excellent Rioja and Ribera del Duero wines that went with the Iberian pork shoulder and the amontillado with the superlative sheep’s milk cheese have no photos to whet people’s appetites. And to finish, there is also no visual evidence of the dessert we had with the sweet Pedro Ximenez wine. I’ll try and remember to take some more photos next time!