This week I have run two wine tours to the Ronda area. The first one was on Monday and it was a very wet and windy day. The track from the main road to the first winery had 4 or 5 streams crossing it, something that I had not seen for quite few years. We have had a lot of rain over the last week or so and the great thing is that the reservoirs are all filling up pretty quickly after what has been an extended dry period. I took some photos of the vines, which are dormant at the moment, and you can see in the lower parts there’s quite a bit of water.

vineyard Ronda Spain

I was back at the same winery on Wednesday which was dry until late afternoon; we even had some sun! The first photo below shows the same area of vineyard in the back ground with one of the winery dogs “Tinto” taking a lie down in the foreground. It was a lot warmer than the Monday visit and being dry we were able to do the wine tasting outside as the second photo below testifies with my happy clients tasting one of the wineries reds

vineyard in Ronda Spain with dog in the foreground

wine tasting at winery Ronda Spain