Tapas tours

Seville is possibly the best city in Spain for tapas. In fact, it is more than likely that tapas started in the city. It has the largest number of bars per inhabitant anywhere, offering an amazing range of food. There’s something for everybody, whether it be meat, seafood, vegetables, olives, cheese, etc. You name it, somebody is sure to have used it in a tapa.

Since A Question of Taste started in early 2002 we have run absolutely hundreds of tapas tours. For groups of as little as two people we offer you a guided tour of some of Seville’s finest tapas bars. We will collect you from where you are staying and take you around the old city, stopping off at four fantastic places, not only noted for their great food but also their wondeful atmosphere. You’ll become immersed in the ritual that is “el tapeo” and you’ll feel you’ve had a really unique experience.

Remember that all food and drink is included in the cost of the tour.