Today I took some clients on my Iberian ham tour to the Sierra of Aracena. On the Iberian pig farm that we visited we took a walk down to a small reservoir. On the holm oak trees you can now see some of the acorns forming. I took a number of photos but due to not having a great camera it was difficult to focus on the very small acorns. My best effort can be seen in the photo below which if you look carefully you can see a tiny acorn before the last leaf on the left.

On arriving at the reservoir we were really excited to see a few tortoises swimming around. One of them can be seen in the photo below. It’s better if you enlarge the photo by clicking on it.

As we have had a cooler May than normal, it’s been great for walking in the countryside. There are an incredible amount of wild flowers around which when it gets hot will start to disappear. The photo below shows a nice range of different species