For anyone who has seen my website ( they will know that my company A Question of Taste runs wine tastings in Seville at El Rinconcillo. I also do lots of wine tastings with a number of wine tasting groups that I belong to. Last night we had a fantastic tasting of wines from the Rioja winery López de Heredia. This is one of the most traditional wineries in the Rioja area with lots of wine-making practices that have been used since the winery was founded in 1877. All wines are still fermented in oak vats that are 144 years old! also, all the wines are aged  in American oak barrels that on average are more than 10 years old. These periods of ageing go from 3 years for Viña Cubillo to 10 years for the Gran Reserva wines. We tasted two whites, one rosé and five reds. All of the wines were very good with the stars for me being the white Viña Tondonia  Reserva from 2003, the red Viña Tondonia  Reserva from 1982 and the best wine of all the red Tondonia Gran Reserva from 1995 which was absolutely stunning. It’s a wine of elegance and complexity with an ethereal quality. I am glad that I still have two bottles in my cellar.

Tasting of López de Heredia wines