Things have been pretty hectic over the last few weeks with, unfortunately, very little time to sit down and write things for this blog. There have been days when I have left home at 8 in the morning and arrived back again at midnight with a tapas tour or wine tasting in the evening after a full day of touring. I have also done some things away from the normal activities of my company. I spent an afternoon with clients in the Doñana National Park, where I saw a Spanish Imperial eagle for the first time. I was also at a very large estate where they breed bulls for bull-fighting. I am not a fan of bull-fighting, but the bulls probably lead a better life than almost any other farm animal, except of course for the last 20 minutes in the bull ring.
In Seville, the weather is wonderful at the moment with fine sunny days. The smell of orange blossom pervades the air as the city gets ready for Holy Week with the first processions on Sunday. The Holy week in Seville is the most famous in Spain and it attracts a lot of people, both local and foreign. If you don’t like crowds, then come to Seville at another time. I think, however, that this is something that is not to be missed. You do not have to have a religious faith to appreciate what is an amazing spectacle. It is something that involves all your senses. The visual appeal of the floats with their carved images,; the smell of incense mixed with orange blossom; the music which accompanies the different floats; the way the floats are carried by ‘costaleros’ in time to the music; the saetas (religious flamenco songs) sung from a balcony. It is very difficult to put into words something that you really have to experience.