Yesterday, I ran my iberico ham tour for a group of people from Hong Kong.This tour is the most popular one for people from there, China and South Korea. They have a real appreciation for anything from the Iberian pig. Yesterday my clients were able to sample the following goodies from the Iberian pig:  acorn-fed ham, chorizo, liver, ear, ribs and “secreto” which is a very juicy cut of meat (the internal part of the loin near the front leg). Iberian pigs’ ear is not something I had eaten before at the restuarant that we went to but I mentioned to the owner that people from Hong Kong and China like pigs’ ears and 10 minutes later there was a dish on the table!
Below is a photo of  free-range iberico/Iberian pigs. I detest factory farming so it is always a joy to see farm animals wandering around freely.