My promise to write more entries in this blog have not been kept. This comes of having had too much work in April and the start of this month! Since writing last I have run all of the one days tours we offer at least once, with some being run four or five times. I have also done numerous tapas tours, several wine tastings and we’ve had quite a few cooking classes too.
I get to meet lots of winemakers, olive oil producers, ham producers, restaurant owners and so on, and they all have a similar story at the moment. The downturn in the economy is having a big effect on their businesses. There is quite a bit of pessimism around, tinged with the hope that things will turn around later this year. I hope so for all their sakes and for everyone else who is going through a bad patch.
Well, my wife gave me a new digital camera as a birthday present a few weeks ago; the old one stopped focusing properly. I will, therefore, be adding some photos to my blog entries. This, hopefully, will give people a better idea of the activities that we run.