I recently took a group on a tour to an organic Iberian/iberico pig farm. I have been there quite a few times and will be visiting again next week. I love going there as it is such as beautiful place and the family who run it are wonderful people. We normally spend around 2 hours just walking around the farm with one of the owners who explains everything that goes into raising organic pure-bred iberico pigs and producing the very best acorn-fed iberico ham and all the other wonderful products that come from this Rolls Royce of the porcine world. We then sit down to a wonderful lunch with everything that we eat being produced on the farm. All in all it’s a fantastic unique experience.

On my last visit it was quite a warm day and as pigs have very few sweat glands which are not much help with temperature regulation they need to cool down by wallowing in water or mud as can be seen in the photo below.